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Triptic extending table

Duo high table

Duo table

Exteriolit by Severin tops 80x80

Exteriolit by Severin tops 70x70

Exteriolit by Severin tops 70x70

Compact Sunset tops 70x70

Sun table Ø 60

Sun table 70x70

Stratified tops 120x80

X-one high table leg

Stratified tops 110x70

X-One XL table leg

Miami table Ø 98

Stratified tops 80x80

Tetra inox high table leg

Miami table 165x100

Stratified tops 70x70

Sunset high table leg

Alpha table

Palma table 115x70

Compact Touch tops 120x80

Vega table 80x80

Aquaba table 80x80

Compact Touch tops 110x70

X-one table leg

Palma table - 70x70

Compact Touch tops 80x80

X-One Folding Double Table Leg

Ecofix table - 70x70

Compact Touch tops 70x70

Tetra stainless steel fixed table leg

Vega table 118x77

Compact Touch tops 60x70

Ecofix Double fixed table leg

Ecofix table leg

Sunset square table

Round table Sunset

Domos fixed table leg

Yeye '72 table

Compact Touch tops ø60

Round table Ramatuelle 73'

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